One of my favorite comfort foods during the cold season ist oven baked pumpkin. And another favorite comfort food is risotto. That’s why I combined the two – I think more comfort on a plate is just not possible! Or maybe yes: I caramelized the pumpkin with sesame seeds and a ginger bread spice mix.… WEITERLESEN

In harvest and winter I have always a hokkaido pumpkin at home. There are so many ways to use it. What about the combo with bread, baby spinach, pomegranate and pistachios? Here my recipe for a delicious and comforting winter salad with my favorite pumpkin. Pumpkin Bread Salad with Pomegranate Serves 2 1 hokkaido pumpkin… WEITERLESEN

Autumn and winter is pumpkin time! I especially love the Hokkaido pumpkin because you don’t have to peel it and it tastes very aromatic. Usually I use pumpkin for savory dishes. But pumpkin is perfect for savory AND sweet dishes, so I created this simple recipe for pumpkin muffins. I know that in the US… WEITERLESEN