September is my favourite month. Life somehow calms down after a lively summer, but it is still often really warm and sunny. And nature shows it’s best side once again: the special light, the bright leaves and lots to harvest. To me, prune plums are absolutely synonymous with this wonderful month. And because my birthday… WEITERLESEN


Everyone likes roasted potatoes, right? For me, at least, roasted potatoes trigger instant salivation and are true comfort food. But of course they have to be prepared properly: nice and crispy and definitely not dripping with fat. Potatoes are well suited to a healthy, plantbased diet. They consist primarily of valuable, complex carbohydrates that keep… WEITERLESEN


Need a quick Christmas gift? How about this Spicy Granola. You have the ingredients at home or you can get them at the supermarket, and a spicy granola like this is quick to make. Fill the finished granola into several nice screw-top jars, which you can decorate with a ribbon and a sprig of rosemary… WEITERLESEN


Chocolate crescents are definitely among my favourite Christmas biscuits! I had never baked them myself before, because at Christmas my mother-in-law usually provided us with a generous batch of chocolate crescents. But she won’t be able to do that for much longer, and besides, after perfecting the recipe for oatmeal cookies, I got ambitious: so… WEITERLESEN


Healthy or not, my favourite Christmas biscuits are those whose taste I have known for a long time – these are above all my mother’s hazelnut cookies, my own vanilla crescents and my mother-in-law’s oatmeal cookies. But because they are all not sooo very healthy and some of them are not vegan, their recipes have… WEITERLESEN


When it comes to Christmas cookies, I’m actually a traditionalist and minimalist. I usually only bake two, sometimes three types of cookies. I do experiment a bit every now and then, mainly because I would like to have “healthier” Christmas cookies sometimes. Here is a new and simple recipe for cookies. They are vegan and… WEITERLESEN


(Contains advertisement) Without breakfast I’m not happy. My first meal of the day can be very late – for example, when I am doing interval fasting, but I don’t want to break my fast with a hearty lunch. I prefer to start the day with something sweet and comforting, but of course I still want… WEITERLESEN


Nut cake always works, right? As a child I loved my mother’s hazelnut cake. It was super simple, but so good. And because I think all nuts are delicious and they’re healthy – I’m just saying: healthy fats – I’ve created a vegan version of a nut cake and pimped it a bit with chocolate… WEITERLESEN


Artichokes are not only very beautiful, but also a real culinary enrichment. In French and Italian cuisine, the buds of a thistle species are an integral part of the menu. Very popular are pickled artichokes as antipasti or on Pizza. Here I would like to share the classic French method of preparation with you: the… WEITERLESEN


Do you know Pasta Fredda? This “cold pasta” is from Sicily. We often make Pasta Fredda when it’s really hot in summer. Because in Pasta Fredda, only the pasta is cooked. The sauce stays cold. If you mix the whole thing, you get a lukewarm dish – which doesn’t heat up the body that much,… WEITERLESEN