Whether Italian pasta, Asian noodles or Swabian spaetzle – noodles are among my favourites in fast everyday cuisine. Moreover, noodles are absolute comfort food, aren’t they? Today we are talking about Udon noodles, the thickest noodles in Japanese cuisine. I love their thick shape! Udon noodles are made of wheat flour and you can buy… WEITERLESEN


Pizza or focaccia? To be honest, I don’t really know what to call this delicious flat bread with kale pesto. Well, the focaccia is a flat bread made of yeast dough, it was originally part of the breakfast in its home country Italy. But today people also like to eat it as a snack or… WEITERLESEN


My vegan macadamia chocolate butter simply tastes heavenly. Macadamias are among my favourite nut, because macadamias are not only delicious, but also super healthy: they contain a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids and they are a top source of e-vitamins. If you don’t get unsalted macadamia nuts for the recipe, you can also buy salted… WEITERLESEN


Rhubarb season started again and I love to make my rhubarb crumble. But now I also tested a new recipe for a rhubarb tart with a pretty pattern. I love the possibility to lay patterns with the rhubarb, but to do this, the rhubarb needs a special „treatment”. To keep the shape and the great… WEITERLESEN


Oven roasted veggies are an all-time favorite, right? I use the vegetables which are in season and in my fridge. Here it’s beetroot, carrots, kohlrabi, onions and fennel. I served them with pesto rosso and a crunchy topping out of hemp seeds and macadamia nuts. Did you know that macadamias belong to the healthiest nuts… WEITERLESEN


This Avocado mousse au chocolat is one of the recipes of my new book, a guide book about healthy fats. Avocado belongs to my Top 15 of healthy and mainly plantbased fats. For my blog I changed the recipe a little bit and added mango and coco yoghurt to make a layered dessert. If you… WEITERLESEN


These peanut butter chocolate cookies get their aromatic kick with orange zest. And I baked them only with ingredients which I had in stock, even the orange. That’s one of my goals at the moment: to use up all the food I already have before I go to buy new things. It’s one of many… WEITERLESEN


I have a new favorite dish! These delicious carrot noodles are vegan, quickly cooked and yet refined and the recipe is variable: if you want it to be more healthy, just increase the carrot percentage, if you want comfort food, take more noodles instead of carrots. I cooked the recipe with purple carrots, but of… WEITERLESEN


One of my favorite comfort foods during the cold season ist oven baked pumpkin. And another favorite comfort food is risotto. That’s why I combined the two – I think more comfort on a plate is just not possible! Or maybe yes: I caramelized the pumpkin with sesame seeds and a ginger bread spice mix.… WEITERLESEN

Finally the berry season is starting here! The first ones are always the strawberries and for me, regional berries always taste so much better. And: strawberries are also a perfect superfood like all red and dark berries. Their red plant pigments are powerful antioxidants which strengthen the immune system and protect our cells against damage… WEITERLESEN