Chocolate crescents are definitely among my favourite Christmas biscuits! I had never baked them myself before, because at Christmas my mother-in-law usually provided us with a generous batch of chocolate crescents. But she won’t be able to do that for much longer, and besides, after perfecting the recipe for oatmeal cookies, I got ambitious: so… WEITERLESEN


Healthy or not, my favourite Christmas biscuits are those whose taste I have known for a long time – these are above all my mother’s hazelnut cookies, my own vanilla crescents and my mother-in-law’s oatmeal cookies. But because they are all not sooo very healthy and some of them are not vegan, their recipes have… WEITERLESEN


(Enthält Werbung) Meine Schoko-Brownies sind nicht nur supersaftig, schokoladig und köstlich, sondern auch vegan, ohne Mehl und ohne Industriezucker gebacken – mit lauter gesunden Zutaten. Vor allem habe ich statt Mehl weiße Bohnen und Mandeln verwendet, das macht meine veganen Brownies zu kleinen Proteinbomben. Und als ob das nicht alles schon mehr als genug wäre,… WEITERLESEN


My chocolate brownies are not only super-juicy, chocolaty and delicious, but also vegan, baked without flour and industrial sugar – with lots of healthy ingredients. Above all, I used white beans and almonds instead of flour, which makes my vegan brownies little protein bombs. And as if that wasn’t enough, the brownies are also very… WEITERLESEN


Pizza or focaccia? To be honest, I don’t really know what to call this delicious flat bread with kale pesto. Well, the focaccia is a flat bread made of yeast dough, it was originally part of the breakfast in its home country Italy. But today people also like to eat it as a snack or… WEITERLESEN


Rhubarb season started again and I love to make my rhubarb crumble. But now I also tested a new recipe for a rhubarb tart with a pretty pattern. I love the possibility to lay patterns with the rhubarb, but to do this, the rhubarb needs a special „treatment”. To keep the shape and the great… WEITERLESEN

We all love pizza, don‘t we? It‘s such a great comfort food, there are so many ways to garnish a pizza and it‘s so easy to make a vegan version. For my artichoke pizza I used fresh, raw marinated artichokes which I put only after the baking on the pizza. That way the artichoke is… WEITERLESEN

I love these vegan cinnamon muffins topped with pears for breakfast from time to time: instead of preparing my bowl with chia oats I put the ingredients in the dough – together with ground almonds, applesauce and maple syrup. That’s why I call them „breakfast muffins“. They are not very sweet and also a healthy… WEITERLESEN

Autumn and winter is pumpkin time! I especially love the Hokkaido pumpkin because you don’t have to peel it and it tastes very aromatic. Usually I use pumpkin for savory dishes. But pumpkin is perfect for savory AND sweet dishes, so I created this simple recipe for pumpkin muffins. I know that in the US… WEITERLESEN

Fresh figs taste like summer vacation at the Mediterranean for me – even though they also grow in the Southwest part of Germany. But the best figs in Europe are probably in Greece and France. They ripe until late autumn, so I still try to get them as often as possible these days. The funny… WEITERLESEN